Viking Strategic Capital


Providing investment guidance through market and economic cycles: we strive to identify the most relevant and attractive investment strategies on a risk-adjusted basis in the current environment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The global investment landscape is constantly changing. We are not constrained by traditional approaches to investing, and constantly seek out creative ways to capitalize on the current economic landscape, with the goal of finding the best risk-adjusted strategies to meet various return expectations.


In life and business, we believe relationships and reputation are everything. Being known for having a high level of integrity is paramount, and is at the core of all we do.

The Founder

Per-Christian Brevig – Chris is the Managing Partner and Founder of Viking Strategic Capital. Throughout his 17 years of investing experience, Chris has focused on providing clients with innovative approaches to portfolio construction and asset allocation, and in providing access to high quality alternative asset managers. Prior to founding Viking, Chris spent 12 years as a Managing Director at Dominick and Dominick (recently acquired by Wunderlich), where he led the firms efforts in working with a real estate private equity firm, building a post financial crisis real estate portfolio from scratch to over $500 million in market value. With a long-standing emphasis of analyzing investments from the ground up, Chris has experience in venture capital/leveraged buyouts, hedge funds & fund formation, renewable energy, as well as Real Estate investments and related strategies. Chris graduated from Fairfield University/Dolan School of Business, where he played football. An avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast, Chris is also passionate about music, having played several instruments as well as singing professionally with the Metropolitan Opera. Chris lives in Sparta, NJ with his college sweetheart and their 4 children.


All-weather portfolio construction is structured using a combination of academic theory and informed market judgement. We believe markets and asset classes are cyclical, each offering risk appropriate entry opportunities over time. Asset classes are defined by differences in their expected response to economic conditions, i.e. inflation or changes in interest rates. We vary allocations in response to changes in the investment environment.

Real Estate / Real Assets

Provide attractive return prospects, excellent portfolio diversification, and sensitivity to inflationary forces. In addition to being an inflation hedge, real assets traditionally provide a high and visible current cash flow, which is typically tax efficient. In addition to attractive, diversifying characteristics, real assets present tremendous opportunities for specialized managers with deep market knowledge and experience to exploit market inefficiencies. We align our clients with partners who have strong operational expertise, who are typically focused on a geographic region, property type, or strategy.

Absolute Return

Absolute return / Hedge Fund investments seek to generate returns by exploiting market inefficiencies, independent of broader market moves. Through our strategic partners, and independently with funds themselves, we seek to offer clients access to managers pursuing a variety of strategies, broadly categorized as global macro, event-driven, value-driven, and certain tail-risk focused quant funds.

Private Equity

Investments concentrate on partnering with venture capital and leveraged buyout firms and companies that emphasize a value-added approach to investing. As in other strategies, we tend to prefer managers with successful track records built operating and selling their own companies, who use their operational expertise, networks, and experience to create fundamentally more valuable entities.

Equity Portfolio Construction

Emphasis on innovative approaches to thematic investing, focusing on both secular growth stories, as well as investments focused on the worlds critical resources and infrastructure. Examples of areas of focus include: renewable energy, inflation, cybersecurity, water & infrastructure, biosimilars, automation, artificial intelligence.